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Kanacks are what turkish "gangsta" people are in Germany. It's comparable with "nigga" in the English. They mostly hang with their turkish friends and dress themselves in a matchable way. Kanacke means actually "Human"
Alter ich wär der einzige Kanacke in diesem Club! Ich geh da nich rein!
would mean: Bro I'd be the only kanack in this club. I ain't going inside!

by EEESTGGBaby December 03, 2008
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People like turks or me are called kanacke in germany. it's something like nigga how black people call each other sometimes. kanacks don't like it if krauts call them kanacks, but they call each other sometimes kanacks like niggas say niggas to each other. an other definition is kanacke like homie, brother or esé.
ey kanacke was geht digga?

haha was geht ab ihr scheiß kanacken?

bro wir kanacken müssen zusammen halten
by kanackdescriber November 13, 2007
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