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She is a beautiful girl.She has a bright bold personality.Everyone loves her.❤😘👑.
Dang is that kamauri.
Yea bro
by Jshsjsbshsbsk February 04, 2017
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A beautiful, smart, intelligent, amazing girl! She is the BESTEST friend anyone could have, (especially a Skylar )
Boy 1: Bro who are those two flawless girls?
Boy 2: You haven't heard those girls are Kamauri and her best friend Skylar!
Boy 1: How are they so flawless?
Boy 2: Nobody knows?
Boy 1 and Boy 2: <3333
via giphy
by im_legally_blind_xX May 21, 2018
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Kamauri is nice,handsome,and hard working. He doesn't really care what other people think of him,he just does him. Kamauri is loving,but he does not love them all. Kamauri does anything to make the ones he loves happy. Along with an amazing personality
Is that kamauri his personality is pricless.
by JJ canes December 04, 2018
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Is a person that will die at the age of 17 so he will live his life to the fullest by being silly and will have left eye color blindness and supposed to die at the age of 3
I have been trapped for to long kamauris
by Kamauris June 06, 2019
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