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He is a dude that when somebody push him down he gets right back up. Kamaury is a person everybody wants to hang with. He cares about his friends and family. Attractive, Intelligent, And has hella successful life. He has a unique name but he loves who he is.
Veronica: Im so glad to have Kamaury around.
Emily: I know right! He is so awesome i want him!
by Barbie's TuneChi June 15, 2018
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Is a girl who is kind and can get attitudes with people quickly. likes to laugh alot if you are feeling down and hear her laugh it cheers you up. Loves her family and friends to death. She doesn't care what people think of her and doesnt let it get to her either. Has a very special boyfriend and knows he is always there when needed. She can be very unique in her own way and is very beautiful but doesn't believe it . She is awesome at some sports and very playful
"Hi is that kamaury from last year"
"Yes,that is kamaury from last year i believe!"
by Kamaury November 16, 2018
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