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the bestest friend you could ever ask for! she's like a sister, and will stand up for you whenever! i know i love my kally wally :) sheez mah big sis!!
Alicia: Delanie, don't you think Nina is a kally?
Delanie: Totally. She's so nice and pretty!
by iluvkally March 12, 2010
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A beautiful cowgirl that's funny smart and sooooo sweet a Kally us a great girl friend(if u can Handel her);) a Kally goes best with a kody
Dude did u meet Kally

Ya bro she's awesome
by My dog is cool June 12, 2013
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The cutest girl you will ever see, she can either be your best friend or an amazing lover. No matter what happens to her you won’t leave her at all, wether friend or lover. She is too easy to love, and every time you see her you will just want to kiss her or something. She’s shy in the cutest way possible, with the best personality and a huge music lover. She’s so sweet and kind, but loves video games, and will make you feel truly loved. Once your in her grasp you can’t leave, but it’s the most lovable grasp you can ever be in.
Guy 1: Who’s this new lady your dating now?

Guy 2: it’s just not a new lady, it’s Kally

Guy 1: Aw hell man, you know all the other guys wanted her
by You know who I am pal March 04, 2018
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buy the domain for your diy blog
The Best Girlfriend u could ever have she Bae Goals
Damn Kally ur cute asf u wanna hang later.
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by Iced Out Seir September 06, 2018
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