1. A kalli is an exquisite deep thinking woman that's honest. Too honest – often blunt. A kalli is always laughing and extremely intelligent, quick witted and skilled in sarcasm. Although kallis feel just as deep as they think, they avoid being vulnerable as they see it as a sign of weakness and would rather ninja chop you in the face than admit they have actual feelings.

2. Known descendant of Scythians, Amazon women and Spartan warriors

3. A rare, magical, mystical creature that only comes around once in a lifetime (also see definition unicorn)

4. The name Kalli is of Greek/ Spartan origin, and Kalli means " fairest, most beautiful, beautiful, lovely"
It's extremely rare to find a woman with all the characteristics of a kalli.

You better get you a kalli.
by KRae57 December 20, 2016
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Kalli,a sweet girl, who is beautiful,stunning,hot and more. Smart and strong, dont ever piss her off she can kick ass, she hides a lot if emotion so she doesn't look depressed, she often puts herself down she has lots of huge problem but makes them small she usually says she's ugly
That girl is so happy and stunning she must be Kalli
by Cameron-hayden lober May 31, 2017
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Is the utter most gorgeous girl you may ever encounter. Her kindness is the one only found in stories. Although she is always hurt by her boyfriends she always keeps that smile on her face and never inflicts hatred towards them. Her smile would brighten anybody's day. Her taste in music is impeccable! She also always looks at things in a positive manner. She is very, very deep.
I've finally found my Kalli!
by Yes,we know. October 2, 2010
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A super sexy, hot and cute kind of a gal! She doesn't always say mean things but when you set her off you can find yourself in a body bag...
She's so Kalli!
by Devilishgamergirl January 18, 2017
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1: Being extraordinarily stubborn to a point of being delusional.
2: One who is likely to make grand claims with no proof ~ when presented with counter-proof is likely to dismiss it as statistical noise, or change his previous statement entirely to accomodate the new proof, playing it off as if that's what he meant all the time.
3: Being unable to see your own faults.
Don't be so kalli about it.Be more open to objective analyses
by TheDoctorMaster December 11, 2013
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A Kalli is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful people you will ever meet in your life. She is a unforgettable person. You will find beauty in her personality, body, and heart. She is a ladies man but once she finds that one lucky guy, everyone in her world zones out because he is the one she desires. So always keep a Kalli once you find her because she is a one time only lover and friend.
by tickedtickledfavvv June 13, 2020
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