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Kaline's are very sweet loving and caring.They tend to care way to much sometimes about everyone else but themselves. They would most times give you the shirt right off their back.When in groups there very shy and self conscious but once warmed up are the life of the party loud funny and fun.Most Kalines are spontaneous and love adventure.In the bedroom there very private but a tad on the freaky side but love to cuddle up to their other half to a great love movie and have that one on one time with the one they love. Kalines are hard-working and pretty independent but would love to have the man/woman of their dreams sweep them off their feet and take control and take care of them in every aspect of life. Kalines are also known to have a sixth sense and have been told they might have some psychic abilities.on a scale of 1-10 Kaline's are rated at 9.9 for perfection if you are ever lucky enough to meet a Kaline hold on tight and dont let go she would be someone you want on your side.Shes probably the most trusting friend/lover/child/parent you will ever meet.
Kaline where do you want to go to dinner this evening?
by Kaline May 04, 2017
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