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CS:GO A tactical first person shooter made by Valve. This game consists of using teamwork to complete objectives. Weapon skins are also a key factor in the game. These skins show status, and dedication in the game. This is because some skins are more appealing and attractive than others. Weapon skins can have a price ranging from under a dollar to over 400 dollars. Weapon skins are achieved my opening random skin cases or purchasing them off the steam marketplace.
'Hey, check out my redline!' 'Hah, my Vulcan makes that look like garbage.'

'2 A 3 B'

'ArmedDolphin is a great AWPer.'

'CS:GO is to be taken seriously.'
by ArmedDolphin February 03, 2015
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Acronym for the popular FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is considered to be a highly competative shooter with high skill margins, objective based gameplay, and multinational acclaim.

Two distict gametypes are present within the game: competative (comp) and casual. Competative is filled with high ranking elitists who will verbally backhand you if you so much as fail to clutch a round. Casual is filled with micspammers, autists, Russians, and basically everything that got deadpooled by the CS:GO Community.
friend: Duuude, you wanna play CS:GO tonight?
me: Sorry man, my date's in 15 minutes.
friend: Well that's just enough to play a casual match!

Immediatly engrossed in the game, and forgetting about that pesky date, my friend and I stay up till 6 AM grinding up to Level 3.
by seanyboyK November 07, 2015
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A game in which I spend more time raging rather than playing...
Me- "Omma Fuckin! Bloody hell? Wait what???? Fuck CS:GO I'm out!"
by Fungusm8 June 01, 2016
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Acronym for Counter Strike: Group Orgy

An activity where a group of friends play Counter Strike and then have an orgy afterwards.
Hey guys, wanna go do a CS:GO? It's a great bonding exercise!
by hieroghost November 22, 2016
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CS:GO IS AN ACTION PACKED FIRST PERSON SHOOTER GAME, PEGI 18. CS:GO Stands for Counter Strike Global Offensive, which is a sequel to the original Counter Strike. Counter strike 1/2 are both available to download on 'steam' Which is a game downloader/Processor, See definition by typing it in...
Do you want to play CS:GO With me i've just downloaded it
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by Meaningsdefinitions May 23, 2016
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a masterpiece made by valve. hated by COD kids and silvers.
if you like cod you hate CS:GO
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