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Yes it does exist! It's in Michigan and is a bigger town than people probably think, mainly due to the fact that it's home of Western Michigan University. There is also the much smaller Kalamazoo College, also called K College. There is usually plenty of to do in the area and the public library is nationally known.
"there's a place called Kalamazoo?!"

"I hear there's a party in the student ghetto tonight."
by kzoogirl March 30, 2006
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kalamazoo, yes its real!! i have been there!!!! it has a nice mall, and its in MICHIGAN!!!!!!! yeah..... and its quite big and it has KVCC! lol, which is a lame ass colege but it works
lets go to the bad side of kalamazoo and get some hookers babe!!!!! CHEAH!
by nikki October 14, 2006
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A town where nothing occurs. I think our mascot is the... I dont really know, and nobody really cares. But we have the KWings, I guess thats pretty cool. Not really. Kalamazoo is shitty, and horrible, the best thing we have here is maybe our library, it is pretty nice looking.
I just visited this town and i bought a shirt that said " Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo" - exept, people who really do here, buy these shirts...and wear them. NO shit there really is a kalamazoo, you live here dumbf**k
by noflyway99 February 26, 2005
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Kalamazoo is the most incredible guy on the planet. BUT only the second greatest person :)

For other words describing Kalamazoo please see...
amazing, super, incredible, gorgeous, sweet, hot, oh.. and one more!! -> mine :)
by Kristen March 07, 2005
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