WMU when you are away, so come back soon.
by lovly samaira February 8, 2021
*Makes good looking food and takes a picture of it* The caption is: WMU
by poobpeebpob July 5, 2018
Look at al this food I made WMU.
by msumm3 February 25, 2017
weapons of mass undulation
1) I wanna motorboat those WMUs.

2) That chick's has got some tig ol' bitties. I wanna piece of those WMUs.
by E'Money March 16, 2009
with my usual
I'm just here wmu best friend.....

Can I get that wmu and some coffee?
by heythename'sj June 28, 2018
Meaning “we met up
oh ! Candice? Wmu last night she was cool asl
by J.mm40 September 13, 2022