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The sort of thing you look up, when you are sitting at your desk, and see an actual sharpie, and are so bored that you decide to look it up, to see what other losers wrote about it, because if you dont know the definition anyways you are a dumbf***k
by noflyway99 February 26, 2005
A song by one of the greatest bands of all, straylight run. It deals with everything that is unsure in life. and what could be impacted by decisions that are made. And the venurability that goes with all things pure.
" you would kill for this, just a little bit, just a little bit, sing like you think no ones listening "
by noflyway99 February 2, 2005
One really great band, they really don't deserve all of the teenyboppers saying stuff like "omg i looove something corporate (giggles) they are so awesoeme and their music totally rocks" its just annoying, so can we please settle down and not focus on how "gorgeous" the lead singer is and instead look at how great of a band they really are?
Though Im weak inside
I'm thriving just the same
Still Calling out your name
Wondering who it is that i should blame - wait ( by far a MUCH better song then konstantine ) and stop trying to figure out what konstantine means anyways (teenyboppers) I don't think you have enough brainwaves for that
by noflyway99 April 9, 2005
people who define their girlfriend/boyfriends names in order to get some
I'm hoping janie will sleep with me because I defined her name on urbandictionary
by noflyway99 April 24, 2005
what mindless people type into the little "look up" box on urbandictionary..because they are bored, and most likely tired its a vicious circle
why are is this a definition? everyone knows what it means...i guess im dumbfuc to...oh well
by noflyway99 April 8, 2005
I can't sleep at night because i'm afraid brody will come and kill me
by noflyway99 April 20, 2005
A town where nothing occurs. I think our mascot is the... I dont really know, and nobody really cares. But we have the KWings, I guess thats pretty cool. Not really. Kalamazoo is shitty, and horrible, the best thing we have here is maybe our library, it is pretty nice looking.
I just visited this town and i bought a shirt that said " Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo" - exept, people who really do here, buy these shirts...and wear them. NO shit there really is a kalamazoo, you live here dumbf**k
by noflyway99 February 26, 2005