in japanese it means "highway" but it can also be a name for a generalized Aries, a very strong, bold, natural born leader, loving, perverted, is only serious when someone dies.
Our troop leader is soo Kaido!
An artist who has mobs of raving fans, who attack at will anyone they even remotely suspect of copying Kaido's artwork.
"Those Goons must be some of Kaido's fans..."
by Mantra April 3, 2005
Kaido is a very caring person who loves anime. He wants to play volleyball and despises homework. He can be a little bit weird and is into hentai, but once you get to know him you'll find he's funny, a great friend, and just an amazing person overall. If you know a Kaido, make sure to keep him as a friend.
Kaido is a great human bean :)
by foxy15 January 10, 2021
Anyone remember Kaido? That dude asked a LOT of questions.
by CspotRun February 4, 2004
Saiki: kys kaido
Nendo: that shrimp? Nah bro
by HAJ1M3 December 2, 2021
Kaido Shun a.k.a. JET BLACK WINGS is our lord and saviour, protecting the world from the crusty-musty dark reunion. Hobbies include: gettin it on with the gang, bullying perverted class idiot Nendo and BEING A FUCKING ICON
Kaido Shun is adorable, showstopping, a quirky weirdo and the reason you're alive.
by saltyassdinosaur January 15, 2021