A pink haired esper that is so cool and OP that I'm pretty sure he could leave Saitama in the dust, however he would inevitably have to remove one of his 'control devices' , the one on the left side of his head to unlock his full powers, which he wears to keep his dangerous psychic abilities in check. However, even without his full powers, he is ridiculously powerful, with an arsenal full of every possible ability: pyrokinesis; telekinesis; teleportation; clairvoyance; telepathy etc(he can also turn people to stone if looking at them with his beautiful purple eyes, which is why he wears his green glasses). However, he is quite humble and rather than seeing himself as above others in a world full of normal people, with the extremely rare small supernatural ability in some, sees his powers as somewhat of a nuisance for their shortcomings, even wishing them gone. (Although, between you and me the guy would be lost without them, as he gets anxious without being able to read people's thoughts, being able to do so since birth. While he is purposefully listless in class and makes a point of not standing out, or wanting to stand out, instead admiring the norm, yet even so extraordinary and extremely characteristic people seem to be inevitably drawn to him, and his hilarious interactions with his friends are the main body of the anime Saiki K or The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

He is also cute af and it's impossible not to love the non-energetic coffee-jello loving child.
Person A: OMG is that Saiki? Really? That's really Saiki? Seriously?!
Person B: No way! He's normally so boring and looks half dead inside, I kind of feel sorry for him for having such weird friends. He looks so happy eating that coffee jello!
Person A: Oh wait, he noticed us! NO! He's putting it down! But that was so cute his expression he looked so happy and innocent... Wait maybe we should go over and talk to him he was so cute a second ago...
Person B: Oh wait there goes that weirdo Nendou, let's not
by Toilet Shitter April 18, 2020
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The best character of the disastrous life of Saiki k . And a superhero daddy. Anime daddy tbh. We all love Saiki.
Omg! I just watched season four of The Disastrous life of Saiki k! Saiki Kusuo is SOO hawt!!
by swaggymax lol February 23, 2020
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GREAT comedy anime about a kid with psychic powers that tries to fit in.
by I love anime January 6, 2021
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An amazing comedy anime featuring pink hair psychic kid and all of his “friends”. The fan base got infested with alt girls who wanna fuck him though which is kinda weird.
Saiki k is my favorite anime although I hate the fan base now
by PaperBagMan May 29, 2021
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