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A prep is typically a well-educated, good-looking person who comes from a solid, well-established, "old-money" family. Preps lean towards conservatism, and generally are well-dressed and buttoned-down in public. A prep is inclined to wear clothes from Brooks, Lacoste, J. Crew, and Lily Pulitzer - NOT Abercrombie or American Eagle, as some non-preps believe. A prep is usually an all around good guy (or girl) and would be unlikely to brag about their status or wealth. Preps shouldn't be characterized as spoiled underachievers - if they were, where would top-tier schools like Princeton get their preppy reputations? Colleges and universites are becoming more democratic each year; an unqualified student wouldn't gain admittance on family wealth alone. People who bash preps have probably only had contact with the A & F, A & E kind of wannabe-prep - and in many cases I would agree with their comments. But a true prep is far more understated; they would drive a Volkswagen GTI over a Cadillac, vacation on the Vineyard or on Bermuda rather than on St. Bart's, favor subtlety over ostentation. The people on this site who don't like preps are either jealous or haven't actually met a real one.
Muffy and Bif spent much of the summer drinking G & T's and playing tennis at the preppy club in Old Lyme.
by Chip April 14, 2004

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Slang term for feces, or dung. Also a low quality, low cost computer alternative whose parts are made of shit.
"That is a big pile of Dell"
"That Dell stinks"
by Chip February 07, 2005

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With a girl on her kness giving you head, slam your cock all the way to the back as you cum. Then, pullout and slap her face with your cock causing her to snort. She should then expell your load out her nose like a dragon breathing fire...
I was getting head the other night, and when I blew it down her throat she gagged on it and turned into the nasty dragon
by chip September 05, 2003

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share some booze with a complete stranger, usually some mad dog or a 40.
Hey man, wanna blizm with my flip flop.
by chip July 18, 2003

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After a long and engaging amount of sex with a condom, the male removes the condom from his penis and takes the cum filled weapon and slaps the female in the face with it, thus spreading the cum all over.
"Upon looking in the mirror, the red marks and white streaks were reminiscent of the night befores devasting jizz blizz"
by Chip April 15, 2005

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An extremely useless person.
I left a message for that jagfuck but of course he never called me back.

Maybe if you weren't such a jagfuck and running late, we wouldn't be in this situation.
by Chip November 25, 2003

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Prep is as many of the people here have already said - classic, conservative, WASPy, tasteful, etc. What bothers me is the misconception that being "preppy" means being a snob. Snobs, by and large, are insecure middle class pricks. A real prep is confident enough in him/herself that he/she doesn't need to put others down for no reason. Preps are secure in who they are; they don't need flashy brand names to give them their self worth.
On a side note - Someone who is White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant is not necessarily a WASP; George Bush is a WASP, for example, while Bill Clinton is not.
A real prep wouldn't waste his time hanging with a snob.
by Chip November 26, 2004

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