A sympathetic but emotionless bean-eater that has seen all the goods and bads in humanity, and is willing to make sacrifice(s) to fulfil something that is greater than the value he or she places on himself/herself because of a strong sympathy on other beings.
by HY371c January 13, 2018
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A person who is addicted to beans and more specificly jelly beans.
I'm turning into a human bean - I had 4 packets of jelly beans yesterday.
by Eli-bean August 4, 2007
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+ hey tf is wrong with this tyler guy
- oh he’s a human bean that must be why.
by _anathemma_ September 28, 2021
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Meaning: "Human Being". As spoken by similar intellects that say "Every Think", instead of "Everything".

Similarly, "Bean" may be substituted for "Been" in written form.
Look, I'm a human bean too, it seems everythink I say has bean ignored, init?
by maudibe June 23, 2017
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Another term for blood. Used by Rorschach in the graphic novel Watchmen.
(Pointing to a blood stained button...)
Nite Owl: "What is that, bean juice?"
Rorschach: "Yeah, human bean juice."
by ozymandius113 April 25, 2009
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One who drives and stomps faces. In other words, a real hero.
Ryan Gosling is a real human bean.
by JudasPriestFireballZ July 20, 2019
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the cultivation of revolting beans during the famous "Bean Uprising" of 3044 by half humans, half robots. Eventually the cyborgs joined the beans, striking for wages, food, and comfortable beds.
Man, those syborg human bean revolutions have really got me down. I think that we should revolt against them for a change.
by liz December 31, 2004
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