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The most effective way to disband a cult.
"Hey, free kool-aid! But why does it smell kinda like almonds? Meh, who cares!"
by Tom. M January 11, 2006

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Former lead singer of Black Flag, is also recognized as "a beast" due to the fact that there is no width differentiation between his neck and head due to his massive muscle-type body.

Slang for a large wild animal about to attack you or someone nearby.
"Henry Rollins Kicked Ass In 'Damaged' With Black Flag"

"Jesus Christ, that guy's got a henry rollins on his tail"
by Tom. M January 06, 2006

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The act of trying to find plausible answers for your not always too bright actions, motives, speeches, or any other physical/mental commited by anything.
"Jeffery, any justification as to why you crapped inside the flowerpot?"

"Oh, I heard that the price of fertilizer was going up, so I thought hell, why not"

"Jeffery, go to your room"

"But your my school janitor"

"And don't assume I won't beat your ass now GO TO YOUR ROOM!"
by Tom. M January 11, 2006

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A white power group that hates anyone but white people. An admiration for the thankfully late adolf hitler. many people dislike this band for their hateful stance.
"There are some things I would never do for any amount of money, like design an album cover for skrewdriver"

Mith Clem, Nothing Nice Online Punk Comic

Nazis are fags
by Tom. M January 11, 2006

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