where you go the first time you die in COD war zone. you are forced to fight and if you win, you get put back in the battle royale match
i won the gulag
by Love10Aly April 17, 2020
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Where Men go to die
'boys im at the gulag'
by talonnnnnnnnnnn March 26, 2020
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Serfs who disobeyed Stalin were given the sentence to go to the gulag.
by ML March 28, 2003
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The act of banishing someone to a real or imagined, unpleasantly-harsh, environment where one is forcefully held in literal or figurative imprisonment for an indeterminate period in order to silence said person's public voice.
Oppressive governments simply gulag anyone who dares to publicly speak truth to power. Once that group gets in office they will simply gulag anyone who disagrees with them.
by flemsnopes September 5, 2018
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Your place of work, particularly a job where the pay is shit and the work is oppressive and soul shattering.
Sorry guys, I have to go to gulag now.
by СукаБлять August 18, 2020
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Meaning something unsatisfactory or bad, used for rating systems from "god to gulag"
Bruv do you wanna hit the local chicken shop?
Nah fam their chicken is gulag tier bruv.
fairs mate what about nandos?
now that is some god tier chicken good shout.
by aidnaam October 10, 2017
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banishment from Barter Town, whereby the victem is tied backwards upon a horse with a large paper mache mask covering his head, and ridden into the desert to die.
1. dude, going to school is lame. I would rather get Gulagged.

2. Dave was being a jerk, so we Gulagged him out of the party.
by jprandolf June 29, 2005
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