An innocent gorilla that was killed because some stupid mother couldn't keep track of her child.
by D12434132 July 9, 2016
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The belief that the Gorilla shot on the 28th of may (Cincinnati Zoo) is truly a being of divine power, or a deity. It is often practiced in extremism.

Dicks Out For Harambe
Guy 1: "Dude whats with everyone saying 'dicks out for harambe' lol it was just a Gorilla"
Guy 2: "How dare you mock Harambeism, You fucking Heretic! dicks out! dicks out!"
by Freemanism July 31, 2016
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A beautiful gorilla, brutally shot in the head for trying to be his fucking self.
#Why Harambe
by Spongebob the annoying fuck September 13, 2016
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King of the Gorillas, who was brutally killed for dragging around some little shit that fell into his enclosure.
by Kingharambe July 31, 2016
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My best friend. Some idiot was blind and didnt see their stupid kid go into his cage. Harambe was trying to carry the kid out of the cage but dummies killed him and now he lives too far away now in heaven. He was my bae and now he's gone!!! It's over isn't it, why can't I move on...
He will come back and haunt the stupid parents, the kid, and his killers, he will represent the code of harambe, an eye for an eye, because he will kill them too and send them to hell. He will reside in the afterlife where I will see him again 100 years later because I too will become a legend.
1 like=1,000,000 prayers
I remember harambe, do you?
by John the addictive October 11, 2016
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The glue that help the world together. The one and only gorilla that could solve everything but was brutally murdered in cold blood because someone couldn't control their kid.
by Harambeisloveharambeislife August 14, 2016
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I was at home eating dorito when phone ring

"Harambe is kil"

by schlingschlonhg January 8, 2020
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