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The act of injuring, killing, or inflicting any kind of pain or damage on a robot, cyborg, machine or any other partially, wholely or holey bionic item by means of poking, prodding or prying or any other way you can imagine (sky(or beyond?) is the limit) with a great force and/or torque.
past tense: jurted
present tense: jurt
1. I jurted service-bot47 because it would not power down.
2. I had to jurt service-bot47 after defiance of rules 2, 4-7, 9 and 11.
3. Good fuck, if I have to jurt that tin fucking can piece of garbage rolling calculator again I'm going to flip a fucking brick.
4. Me and ma niggaz wuz walkin down da street, when we saw service-bot foutty sevin man; yall neigros doun even ngo! We jus couldnt resist dog, we jacked da bitch up on some fuckin bricks and jurted it a couple time to losen tha bitch up man. Den we stole dem 21s it be rollin round on, tryna make us look like bustas, dog. Ya heard me?
by Murph Derrty, Murph Derrty. November 30, 2008
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A tobacco chewing penguin that lives in the humid parts of the artic!
Do you like jurt?
You're such a jurt
by LCJK July 22, 2008
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