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1. a con or rip off. can also be used as a verb. "that taxi driver completely jupped us." variation: juppo - a tramp, con man, or generally untrustworthy individual. something annoying such as a mosquito or fly.

2. substitute for "piss" or "fuck" in the phrase "piss/fuck off!" but can also be used differently, (see example 2)

3. to sustain an injury or to suffer some kind of bad fortune.

4. a negative exclaimation.
1. "hes dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, what a jupp!"

"look at that butters juppo!"

2. "jupp to you!" "gadan, tell him to jupp off."

3."i've been jupped. wheres joe?" "ow! i've just jupped myself so badly." "joe is jupped, he needed those dollars for cuba." "lets jupp joe in some way while hes asleep."

4. "jupp!" "this place is jupp. lets go."
by flamingo fred February 15, 2008
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