contraction of game and gym,
also a hidden place where neo-social activities take ... place.
let's go dodgeballing (naked) in the gyme.
hey cyril, let's go to the gyme.
by Constanze Carody September 18, 2007
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im gay; your gay... lets go gyme!

i walked in on two fags gyming last night.

my boyfriend is such a gymer!

my pervert uncle gymed his co-worker.
by 450slang August 23, 2009
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Gym-ing, is a term used by any type of people, stating that they've been going to the gym alot. Sorta like saying youve been gaming, but instead, something more productive!
What have you been up to lately?" "Oh not much, been Gyming a lot lately though..
by Wopefi November 25, 2010
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to go to the gym, to go work out, to break a sweat
I am going to be gyming later on today
by villageboy March 25, 2005
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To go to the gym to exercise.
"I'm hella gyming it later after eating those 12 chocolate chip cookies."

"Dude, you gyming it later? I gotta work on my quads."

"Omg, Jill. I totally saw you gyming it yesterday. You were so hardcore."
by SergioSupergio December 23, 2012
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1) The process of going to the gym
2) the actual process of working out.

(verb) gym,gyming,gymed.
"I'll be gyming in an hour."
"hey do you want to go out for dinner?--well that depends on how my gyming goes."
by Rachel Hrabal June 10, 2008
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The process when a man is transforming into a woman.
by DamienBuzzer February 14, 2019
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