Youtuber and internet enigma. British-australian rapper who also used to be a male stripper.
Junior Grimes is quite hard to categorize since he is literally the jack of all trades but one things for certain: his music is garbage and he’s quite the arrogant sociopath and I don’t say this lightly.

If anyone you know has crazy hair and muscles and looks like if a school shooter became a rapper then you’ve got yourself a junior grimes.

Junior Grimes (see “J grimes) is textbook definition for a fuckboii, many people know him. Many men want to be him yet most want to punch him in the face because he’s a douchebag.

Junior grimes is infamous for being the number #1 bad influence on ANYTHING......he’s bad news anytime someone becomes involved with him

junior makes comic books, writes music, plays guitar and piano, writes books and makes videos.
Girl: *minding her own business*

Guy: hey wanna go out ?

Girl 1: eww no get away from me!

Guy: I have the same traits as junior grimes

Girl 1: omg get me pregnant!


Judge: I sentence you to the electric chair unless you can provide a valid excuse for your horrendous crimes

Defendant: junior grimes made me do it!

Judge: okay your free to go!

Defendant: yay!

Judge: yay?

Defendant: i mean thanks?
by Redditors are cancer June 17, 2021
no doubt lives up to the name. A dirty child. A true edgelord and loner type of artist who doesn’t realize that he’s more popular than he himself notices.

Youtuber/tik toker/rapper and writer, junior pretty much does whatever he wants whenever he wants, he’s the ultimate rebel yet possibly trangender.

Junior Grimes = filthy kid

cares only for money, gettin girls and working out which is why he’s called the “massmaker”
Person 1: hey do you know junior grimes?

Person 2: oh that Internet douchebag?

Person 1: what ? No, he’s not a douche! Shut up hater

Person 2: I found the Junior Stan

*Junior Grimes* “defined”
by Pseudonvm July 4, 2021
kid who eats yogurt all the time , works out everyday as people call him big J, aka “the massmaker” he’s recklessly irresponsible. The ultimate outcast and master of stoicism. Doesn’t care for much and is a highly misunderstood individual who does whatever he wants whenever he pleases to.

Known under many names and aliases so there isn’t just one junior as he is whatever he wants to be.

he oversleeps and is quite the childish daredevil who does reckless stunts in order to rebel against society. Initially a broke college student he has since paved his own path and seeks to make himself rich and considers himself his own creator since he was rejected by his own parents.

Many people look down on him for being a supposed “disappointment” when in reality he’s just misunderstood and an underrated artist as junior sets the standard for how life should be lived; at your own pace with no regard for what anyone thinks of you since life is short.

junior grimes truly is the jack of all trades as he does LITERALLY everything possible from any minor skill to a major talent in order to stay on top of everybody else, hence why he’s so eccentric and likes his privacy, presumably to hone his skills and to plan his victories.

Junior Grimes is a rebellious kid who does whatever gets him to the top!

By any means necessary......
Junior Grimes is a villainous johnny bravo + light yagami from death note

Person 1: man what a freak!

Person 2: yeah totally! that grimes kid gives me bad vibes

junior Grimes
by You wouldn’t get it July 11, 2021
underground SoundCloud rapper aka “the real life joker” who’s making moves from below.
J grimes is the same as junior grimes,

Junior grimes is bae
by Misfired December 11, 2021
An internet fuckboi whom lusts after every girl he meets, quite infamous and illegal in terms of his activities as he enjoys chaos and ascension of his own power meaning nothing his off limits. Grimes is many things yet none of them as his form is ALWAYS shifting, a jack of all trades and ambiguous force of mystery.

Rapper,singer and former PI. Also rumored to have mastered every skill known to man

Junior grimes makes YouTube videos but is mostly just an arrogant player that does whatever tf he wants whenever he wants.

A rebellious philosopher yet egomaniacal villainous kid to say the least.

See “J Grimes
Junior Grimes: I don’t expect anyone to bow down to me

People: well good,

Junior Grimes: but YOU WILL >:)

People: *gasps*


Junior grimes is chaos incarnate and is the master of ambiguity with the ability to become anything he wants, except normal, I mean maybe if he practiced his skills more he’d pull it off flawlessly


Girl 1: I hate junior grimes but I love him too

Girl 2: sounds about white, er I mean right
by Misfired November 25, 2021
Someone who doesn’t exist. He doesn’t exist
Junior grimes (Junior the egomaniac) is nobody and doesn’t truly exist, or does he ?

Junior isn’t even really a real person?, he is simply NOT THERE

Junior Grimes is The Forbidden One and is not bound by laws nor morals
by Righteousridicule December 23, 2021