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The HUGE display screen typically found at sporting events. It shows game/player stats, scores, replays, advertisements, etc to the crowd.
Jumbotron is actually a Sony trademark name, but the word is used to refer generically to any gigantastic LED screens like it.
At a basketball court, the jumbotron might be about 11 feet wide, but in a football stadium, it'll probably be more like 33 feet.
by creaternity June 01, 2006
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Tim: Did you see that fat fucking jumbotron?
Ray: Yeah. Fuck. That bitch better not turn around cuz I don't wanna see the replay.
by Lip Watch February 20, 2007
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The act of asking a girl/significant other out via a large television screen that displays text messages (i.e. JumboTron).
Rob wanted to date Sally, so he pulled a Jumbotron on her at the concert.
by Dr. Wumbo September 08, 2010
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Used to describe a payrate for a person who is working overtime on a holiday. Typically, when an individual is on the JUMBOTRON, they are making triple time.
Chris is rollin in the dough lately, he hit up 8 solid hours on the JUMBOTRON.
by Mister Delicious January 30, 2007
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