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The act of spanking ur crank. This isn’t just regular jerking off this is the type where ur at ur friends house and ur in the bathroom wacking the fuck out of ur fushman
i was beating the fushman and ms messer was flicking my bean
by Niccalips May 03, 2020

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This is when your girl is extra horny and she asks for the Jumbotron.
Hey babe you trying to come over and ram ur 12 inch Jumbotron in my pussy.
by Niccalips February 23, 2021

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Jerry Manson usually is not the biggest guy but has a huge dong.you might catch jerry down at the fish market or even down in the mattawan creek.this critters breath usually smells like zyad Wallace.
Jerry Manson has a massive shlong but smells like a monkey nigger
by Niccalips May 03, 2020

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