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Kiwi is a more slang term for vagina.
Person1: creeeeper.... yeah just like that babe...
Person2: aww yeaah your kiwi is so juicy and tight...
Person1: man this is so good...
by magicthiccness July 27, 2019

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When you tell someone you love them, then leave.
*In call*
Emma: hey
nakoma: uuh hi
nakoma: I love you
* is pulling a nakoma *
Emma : oof k lol
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by magicthiccness February 03, 2019

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A punk ass bitch who likes to fuck like 3 girls at once. He likes to hurt beautiful perfect girls named "Emma." If you ever see a Nakoma, beat his ass and spray perfume on him so his dad will beat him.
Emma: Yo
Dana: Imma beat his ass
Emma: lol k
Nakoma: lol k
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by magicthiccness January 22, 2019

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The art of juicing is when one touches themselves. In other words, masturbates.
I didn't hear my mom come home and she caught me juicing my kiwi.
by magicthiccness July 27, 2019

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