1. Hindi word for "RUBY"

2. A Renaissance Man: a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. A man's man!
1. Manik is the Hindi word for Ruby

2. That man is a Manik, so intelligent, what every man aspires to be!
by rennman June 16, 2011
A guy who's so understanding. He bullies you from time to time but it's tolerable. A virgo and obsessed with playing games. An amazing person but procrastinates hard. You can never hate this guy.
You're so obsessed with valorant, you're like manik now.
by LJ Covey November 23, 2021
Manik is synonymous to balling. He is very kind when in touch with his feminine side. Big dick energy🥒 although gay sometimes, but only sexually attracted to Taarikas.
Literally nobody-
Manik- Jeez Taarika is so hot.
by Anonymous 6990 November 22, 2021
A puppet governmental or royal regime not unlike a (manequin)-mannequin
It's dictated lyrics that the ManiKing sing.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
Sinhala song sung by YOHANI DE SILVA

It sounds calmful and very melodious.
I'm listening 'manike mage hithe ' now
You do as well😎
by Jupiterian.rihs December 2, 2021