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Synonymous with pussy, cunt, box, twat, or vagina.
Man, dawg, I want to eat her juice box.
by bodhicide June 05, 2005

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A fnord is a propaganda word conditioned in the masses from a very young age to respond to, usually with fear, anxiety, or uneasiness, but unable to be seen by the general populace. (This definition originates in the Illuminatus trilogy of books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.) Sometimes it's used in a sentence to denote a general conspiracy (often jokingly), or sometimes it's used for no reason, especially by Discordians fnord.
I heard that David Koresh is sharing an apartment in Argentina with Hitler fnord.
by bodhicide January 17, 2005

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When someone puts another person in extreme physical pain.
Man, when Tom rammed his fist into Bob's nutsack, it was off the Hitler.
by bodhicide January 12, 2005

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To have wudhu (Islamic ritual ablutions).
Man, I'm wudid. Let's drop.
by bodhicide May 13, 2007

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To commit suicide, especially with a gunshot to the head.
Whoah, did you hear about what happened to Neil? His girlfriend dumped him and he went Cobainey.
by bodhicide January 17, 2005

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To be owned. Used in the following insult.
You better start walking to Pizza Hut, cuz you just got PIZZONED!
by bodhicide January 17, 2005

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