its not that hard a juice box is a little carton of juice with juice in it..
mum can u have a juice box for lunch
yes, yes u can
by yummbo September 23, 2008
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a car full of openly gay men speeding down a freeway blasting the latest hit single. They aren't afraid of who they are and will often make provocative gestures and statements out the windows towards attractive passersby.
I aint sticking my straw in that juicebox
by Dunkins Toy Chest April 16, 2009
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- noun 1. A song by the New York garage band the Strokes.

- verb 1. To expose to the song "Juicebox".
- noun 1. "The song "Juicebox" is fucking brilliant!"— The exclamation a Strokes fan would make whilst listening to "Juicebox".

- verb 1. "Let's do this, let's fuckin' Juicebox their faces off!"— The exclamation Julian Casablancas made before playing "Juicebox" at Coachella 2011.
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A juice box.
the bestest way to drink your juice.

ex. HiC Fruit Punk -Juice box.
D:"Hey Kenny, do you like juice boxes?"
D:"Well i like juice boxes!"
K:"Okay, i like juice boxes.."
D:"And the world was happy!!"
by [D] January 27, 2008
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Mid Canadian term for snorting coke right out of the baggy.
"Pssst, my girlfriend isn't looking.........quick!....juice box me!
by Dj Shrub October 09, 2005
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Someone who uses steroids in order to aid in the production of muscle mass who happens to be extremely short
I thought this guy was a total gorilla juicehead and then he stood up and to my surprise he was only a juicebox. I'm 5'8 not going to happen.
by weens09 February 24, 2010
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