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Latin for "the one". Usually mean the person who can protect you and you for rest of your life. the most kind, loving, caring, and beautiful person in the world.
"I love you juel" is what someone should say instead of swirvin u when you're tryna make a move!
by THE 60D April 04, 2019
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Name of the most beautiful, caring, fun, and warmest hearted girl to ever exist. One glance from her can stop your heart, or make you melt. She is the easiest person to be around, and the most impossible to be away from. The moment she is away from your presence, your mind becomes infected with the need for her to be back at your side. She is one of a kind. A rare, pristine, Jewel.
There are two types of girls in the world, Juel and everyone else.
by ImYoursandUmine April 21, 2011
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