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Short for "joto," meaning "fag." Sometimes used by friends to tease each other.
Do you have Mr. Simpson for math? That guy is a jots.

Hey jots, what are you doing this weekend?
by Riconzly April 14, 2006
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Scribble, write, and/or place in memory.

See Eminem's song "Stan" to hear him use the term.
I need to jot that down.
by KJAM February 16, 2005
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the stimulation of one's genitals, masturbation, to achieve an orgasm.
I went to the bushes to jot

He jotted three times today

I was busy jotting

I jotted in her eye
by Calahan April 02, 2007
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jots to be abnormally gay; to have an immense amount of gay emotion and feeling within one's self
Avi- Bovi why do you have to be so gay???
Bovi- I can't help it. :(
Avi- You jots.
by Avilanche January 03, 2005
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Acronym for "Jack Off Towel". Any pliable cloth or paper product used to capture or possibly clean up ejaculate resulting from a masturbation session. Often length of toilet paper or a kitchen towel, but can include a sock, a scrap of newspaper etc.
"I think your roommate is addicted to internet porn. Just look at all the crumpled up J.O.T.s by his desk!"
by DF Bizzle October 22, 2014
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A woman that you would bang, but you wouldnt want to date her... A girl thats hot bad has a bad personality.
billy bo jr. : aye would you date her?
louis vuitton jon : no but i'd definitely jot that!...!
by bayfarmboyzzzz September 11, 2011
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