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When somebody attempts to make the 'loser' sign 'L' with their thumb & forefinger held against their forehead, only they use their left hand instead of their right, thus forming more of a 'J' than a 'L'. Substituting the 'J' with the 'L' this person then becomes the 'joser'.
Johnny: "Hey everyone, look at Phil! He's such a loser!" (tries to make the 'L' loser sign using wrong hand)

Phil: "Johnny ... you're such a friggin joser man."
by TMA-1 April 08, 2009
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A person who pretends to be of the Jewish heritage but simply is not.

Someone who pretends to be Jewish so that they can make Jewish Jokes.
Example of a Joser:

Peter Griffin from family guy becoming Jewish to enjoy the perks of being Jewish.
by IM_guru May 27, 2010
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to break (something) into pieces; smash; shatter
Julia willfully josered Dylan's glass tall vase by hitting it with a fat wooden baseball bat. (baseball bat is also known as "frettle bat".)
by forehard bill July 19, 2018
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