To stab some one or kinfe them
'Theres No-one around shall i jook this fool?'

'Yeh,dun kno'
by dally BOII December 27, 2008
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to jook:
to hook something or someone up with something

to jook from someone:
to take/steal something from someone.
(give it to me)
>Jook me up!

(yeah, give it to him)
>Yeah, jook him up real phat.

and kids: you must remember to jook people up adequately, lest ye be jooked from.
by fadmaster flex August 22, 2005
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Jook is a jamacian term for a type of dance. It is like grindin only the girl is way more wild, rubbin her vagina all over ur high thigh and also with legs wrapped around the mans waist. Like wild crazy sex with clothing on
wad da bumba clot lets jook gal
by Mr. Mebert February 20, 2005
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to have sex, or to fuck someone. used mostly in the creole language (jamaican or belizean ...)
by danny 217 October 23, 2006
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Jamiacan term to poke used in lots of 60's reggae, to penetrate w/ something usually a mans penis into vagina
Girl I want to jook you all nite long or Jook the pussy
by olivia Johnson October 15, 2005
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to jook someone is to steal something from him/her..
mandem: shall we jook an O from that boydem..

boydem: ar shit man i just got jooked for an O!! :(
by supasye February 18, 2005
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