Joy of Missing Out: You’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing. Opposite of fomo or the fear of missing out.
Guy #1: I had a great day, climbed a hill and didn't check facebook.
Guy #2: Good day?
Guy #1: Yea pure JOMO.
by thepeachman January 05, 2014
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A Jamacian streetracing chronic, with a particular talent for wrecking Swift GTis, and spouting mindless bullshit on and other Swift GTi forums. Eventually got banned from TeamSwift, and is rumored to be in jail
Spray painting your exhaust for more horsepower? Who let Jomo back on the board?
Only Jomo would try streetracing an ambulance.
by Lihtan July 09, 2004
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1.used as a noun to describe Lewis J Costin
Jojomo thinks jomo is funny cause he makes her laugh :p
by jojomo May 28, 2010
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To go through life having moments of unintelligence in all fields of thought.
by awfycooper March 07, 2011
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Short for "joy of missing out" and an antonym to FOMO, that means that you prefer being unavailable and deliberately risking to miss a party that could be the greatest of all time, because (to be honest) you really don't care and rather stay home and watch that new Sandra Bullock movie.
- Dude, did you go to that awesome party last night?
- No, I was home watching a movie. JOMO!
by narajan March 13, 2013
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Joy of Missing Out: A sensation of pleasure caused by social deficiency. JOMO cherishes moments of aloneness, it distances one from the extravagant broadcast of social interactions on sites such as Facebook. The opposite of FOMO, or "fear of missing out." The term was first published by ART PAPERS in January 2014.
The JOMO user is so happy not to be there. When the JOMO user does go out, he or she almost immediately regrets it - besieged by FOMO on missing JOMO.
by socks45 June 18, 2014
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An acronym for "Joy Of Missing Out" and is a strange kind of emotional release when you realise you've been left out.
Opposite of FOMO = the Fear Of Missing Out
Person 1: Doesn't it bother you that (insert trendy object/action etc.)
Person 2: Nahh, I'm JOMOing this month *sighs with relief*
by olyverr December 23, 2013
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