The act of ejaculating in someone's eye, thus causing one eye to shut. Variations include saying "Arrr!" immediately after the eye closes to ensure proper scoring.
"I missed her mouth and inadvertantly gave her a Jolly Roger"
by Potty McNugg February 22, 2006
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Double-fisting so that the arm going into the vagina and the arm going into the anus are crossed. For effective movement, the crossed arms are held just below the head, thus creating the "Jolly Roger" similar in resemblance to the infamous buccaneer flag.
Avast matey! Let's head to the crows nest and strike the Jolly Roger!
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A world Usually used as a flag name to identify the location as a free pirate on the Internet.
One: where is he from (a user on some forum)?
Two: i don't know, there is nothing we can tell from his profile he only chose jollyroger.
by dyfi August 31, 2010
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Another name for the skull & crossbones symbol.
"My Halo 2 character has a Jolly Roger symbol on his shoulder."
by Dave December 31, 2004
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jol-ee roj-er

-part of speech: noun
-origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

1. the act of receiving a blowjob and ejaculating in a person's eye, thus making them squint and shout, "RRRRR" like a pirate;

usually performed after a Pittsburgh Pirates' victory, when television broadcaster Greg Brown says, "Raise the Jolly Roger!"
1. That was a great game tonight! I can't wait to go home and get a Jolly Roger from my wife;
2. Goddamn it, the Pirates lost again tonight. Their losing streak is now at 8 games. I haven't gotten a Jolly Roger in over a week... my balls feel like they are gonna explode.
by J McPott October 08, 2010
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When a Packers fan is anally fisted by Aaron Rogers and waved above his head, mimicking the flag on the mast of a pirate ship.
In the locker room after the game, Jake was pleasantly surprised when he received a Jolly Roger from his idol.
by 00Doom January 05, 2014
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