A man who can keep an erection for a long period of time. Named after the candy Jolly rancher which nevers goes soft even in left in the mouth for hours.
"Girls call me Jolly Rancher, cause I stay so hard. You can suck me for long time, oh my God."-Laffy Taffy by D4L
by Adolphus91788 November 26, 2005
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metaphor used to describe a guy that stays hard forever during a BJ
"it can be sucked for a long time, melts in your mouth, not your hand, stays hard forever -- it's like a jolly rancher"
by Alexxxxxxxxxx October 20, 2005
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reffering to cough medicine in pill form - taken recreationally for the DXM causes you to "trip", also taken through normal cough syrup
i got them rainbow colors in my cup
jolly ranchers man this shit be good as fuck
thats the syrp mothafucker thats that syrp
-3 6 mafia
by bor December 17, 2004
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A slang word for being hard or a dick
"im like a jolly rancher
'cause i stay so hard"
by Briahna October 8, 2005
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a man who works on the farm or ranch, and walks around having sexual relations with the animals. extremely common in arkansas and west virginia.
i heard theres been a jolly rancher sneaking onto old man jenkins ranch. his prize rooster couldnt sit down, and lost all his feathers.
by guy mann-dude January 31, 2009
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