Basically a washed down version of "Motherfuck" it is also easier to pronounce when pissed royally.
by Lubeoops April 30, 2016
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A rare breed of snakes, whose natural habitat is that of a plane. Shown extensivly in the movie snakes on a plane
"I'm tired of these mothafucking snakes on this mothafucking plane!" - Samuel L. Jackson
by me!?! October 15, 2006
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a combination of the brookeback mountain, an Ass and a Mother Fucker. Usually used in a situation where a person is being a dick and you ran out of words to call him. It literally means a gay fat mother fucker.
by DJ Kawaii May 1, 2009
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i dont noe wuts in it but it kinda tastes like alcohol definitely does the job and is found in mexico
yo i had 4 beers 2 purple mothafuckers 2 kamikazes a long island iced tea and 2 scooby doos and my head was spinnin
by alex mccormick March 26, 2005
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When someone is being very very negative and you want to express your feelings to the group but exclude that one person, you yell dip me in ranch
Mick was being super negative so I looked at Eli and just yelled Dip Me In mothafucking Ranch
by Me Hoy Minoy January 28, 2020
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When a mother fucker speaks in such a way as to out themselves as the blue falcon, sister fucking, waste of human flesh that they are.
Linda was telling the office manager that Rita steals paper clips to make cat toys most mothafuckally.
by Salty Oldbastard January 19, 2018
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