In Jacquees’s song come thru this piece of candy is used as reference to a small peepee.
She left her new man when he hit him with that jolly rancher.
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by Wackysnacky August 15, 2019
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When a man puts super glue on his penis and slaps a black man in the ear lobe with it until they are legally siamese twins connected by "Penis to Earlobe Bond"

This move was performed in 1989 by a one armed hooker named Steve.
I gave Lindsay Lohan A jolly rancher in the late 90's when the bitch gave me the wrong drink at McDonalds.

Wow jimmy, Look at that dumb asshole with a Dick stuck to his earlobe.
by Lebron Fucking James October 22, 2011
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The Act of inserting a jolly rancher(s) into a females vagina during "playtime." After a while, the jolly rancher(s) will melt and ooze out of her vagina, the male/female then licks the reminence of the jolly rancher.
Jolly ranchers taste better when u give a girl a jolly rancher.
by Kevin March 22, 2005
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a man who works on the farm or ranch, and walks around having sexual relations with the animals. extremely common in arkansas and west virginia.
i heard theres been a jolly rancher sneaking onto old man jenkins ranch. his prize rooster couldnt sit down, and lost all his feathers.
by guy mann-dude January 30, 2009
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Another word for 'Eye Candy' for an average Joe type of guy
Did you see Jolly Rancher walk by the other day? He's looked so hot in those jeans!
by cinna8unn February 25, 2010
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