(n.) A hard, sweet, confectionary that is prepared in multiple flavors including cherry, blue raspberry, and watermelon. An American favorite, the flavor is said to be quite delicious it can mask the flavor of most secretions during vaginal oral stimulation although it can be lodged into the pussy during the eating out process and can cause future problems.
Male: Hey sorry I was sucking on a jolly rancher while I was in there and I think it got stuck.

Female: Fuck it, do whatever you have to do.
Make: Ok. Going back in.

Female: Ouch!

Male: WHAT THE FUCK!?! *retch*
Female: What are you fuckin' screaming at?! And why the fuck am I bleeding?!

Male: *retch* I found the jolly rancher and I bit into it and it squirted! *retch*
Female: Shit! I knew I couldn't trust the guy at the rave last week who said he'd no warts.
by whothefuckcares January 31, 2016
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