take anal beads and put them up a girls ass then proceed to put your foot on her ass and pull them out like a pullstart on a tractor.
damn that bitch couldnt sit for a week after she road on my john deer
by sampson420ex October 06, 2004
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One of the oldest Companies that makes tractors. The brand has become immortalized by Kids and farmers. John Deere started making tractors in the 1920's when they bought out the Waterloo Tractor Company.

Until the '60's they were known in the US for the "Putt-Putting" of their two-cyilender engines. They finally had to drop the Two-cyilender design for the engines to be more efficent and powerful.

John Deere may be famous for it's agriculteral equipment, but they also have a line of Construction equipment.

Interestingly, John Deere has not merged with anyone else, making it one of the only two to not have been taken over by another company. It walks alongside Caterpillar with this title.
Guy: I'm a bit surprised there are other tractors made other then John Deere!

Me: DUH!
by Puffie40 January 25, 2005
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the best of the best!!!
The best dame thing that god ever made for rednecks...
by missy dale September 22, 2003
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They make the best farm equipment, Construction Equipment,and Forestry Equipment out there.
Nothing runs like a deere

Redneck from Medway, Maine: Lets go yard some big ol wood with the big ol john deere skidder

Look at thats 748 h John deere skidder she is big
by jim bob brown April 22, 2010
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A manufacturer of fine construction equipment, farm machinery and lawn care vehicles.
Please do not refer to my John Deere LT133 as a riding lawn mower...it is a TRACTOR, asshole!
by harry flashman July 17, 2003
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a company that makes tractors; like Microsoft is for non-rednecks.
"Don't you think you're all special now riding in yer brand new shiny John Deere, bitch."

"I thought the relationship was going well, when out of nowhere she sends me a John Deere letter."
by Nick D April 02, 2003
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A man or boy who tries to wheel the girl you are currently wheeling
Guy 1: (wheeling girl)
Guy 2: (to same girl) Hey! Haven't seen you in ages! Can I buy you a drink?
Guy 1: (to guy 2) hey John Deere quit mowin my fuckin lawn
by Some Guy18905 March 19, 2013
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