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One of the oldest Companies that makes tractors. The brand has become immortalized by Kids and farmers. John Deere started making tractors in the 1920's when they bought out the Waterloo Tractor Company.

Until the '60's they were known in the US for the "Putt-Putting" of their two-cyilender engines. They finally had to drop the Two-cyilender design for the engines to be more efficent and powerful.

John Deere may be famous for it's agriculteral equipment, but they also have a line of Construction equipment.

Interestingly, John Deere has not merged with anyone else, making it one of the only two to not have been taken over by another company. It walks alongside Caterpillar with this title.
Guy: I'm a bit surprised there are other tractors made other then John Deere!

Me: DUH!
by Puffie40 January 25, 2005

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A Farm-veihicle that can pull farm-implements. Tractors are usually used to pull items, and often have a Front-end Loader attacthed.
Old farm tractors often get bought up by collectors who repair and paint them.

"Go get the tractor, son. We got some plowing to do!"
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004

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1: A country between Ukraine and Russia.
2: A brand of tractors produced in Belarus.

In the 1930's, during the days of the USSR, a large factory in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, produced tractors (At first copies of the famous Fordson tractor) and exported them under the Brand name Belarus.

Most farmers who do buy a Belarus find them to be quite reliable, while others compare them to the infamous Lada.

Belarus is still around, with a network of dealerships in both the US and Canada.

Pronounced Beller-oose
Belarus seems to be a underdog in the tractor market...
by Puffie40 October 08, 2005

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1: A insect that eats leaves and Eventually morphs into a Butterfly ot a Moth

2: A company that makes Construction equipment. Known in the early years of it's history for making Crawler tractors, Or bulldozers. That is why Bulldozers are somtimes referred to as "Cats"

Caterpiller started in 1925 after the merger of Holt and Best, Crawer tractor companys that were strong competitors.

In the 1930's, Caterpillar was the first company in the US to use the Diesel engine in tractors, Demonstrating their economy and power compared to Gas engines. Caterpillar also started using Yellow paint in 1931, as this increased visibility of the tractor on roads (Try seeing a Grey Tractor at night!)

The Crawler tractors started out as agriculteral Tractors, Then in the 1940's Cat started adding blades to their tractors, Creating the first manufactured Bulldozers (Bulldozers before were attachments that were usually homemade). They were used everywere, Including in WW2.

Caterpillar Now has a major line of Construction Machinery, and is more often then not, referred to as Cat. Caterpillar is considered the undisputed Bulldozer King.
1: If that caterpillar eats another leaf, he's got to explode!

2: "We want to clear this land, and make a road up the hill. Get the Cat."
by Puffie40 January 25, 2005

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A veihicle that has a arm-like attachment that can dig below the serface. Usually a Tractor with a Front-end Loader on the front, and a backhoe on the rear.

Can also refer to a tracked machine with a backhoe up front, but is usually referred to as a Excavator
"We need to dig a trench for the pipe, so we are using a backhoe
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004

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A machine that has a bucket up front to pick up dirt. Can be a attachment to a Tractor to increase the usability of a tractor.

Loaders are often on wheels, but can be found on tracks. They are used in Contruction and industry.
"Use the loader to move those rocks."
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004

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A tracked machine with a arm attachment used to dig below the surface. Used often in construction and industry.
"We need a excavator to dig out that foundation"
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004

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