Someone who steals code from someone else's code/project without the original coder's knowledge or permission and or does not give credit for public code and or claims the codes as their own work
Coder#1 does nothing but skid from Coder#2 said Coder#3 is an example of someone define Coder#1 as a skidder
by AFluffyOrangutan™ June 3, 2017
a poop stain in the underwear or boxers caused by farting that leaves a large streak. Derived from skid mark.
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 26, 2003
Not to be confused with "a floater", a skidder is the streak or strip of poo left at the bottom of a toilet.
Ahh, sick! He left a skidder.
by JP5000 April 2, 2007
a big white boy who looks liek he's never seen the sun
Eww i wish my boyfriend would go tanning so he wouldn't look like such a skidder
by maura August 9, 2003
skidders: from Alabama (ca 1940)
refers to stains in a man's underpants, from the lack of use of toilet paper after an evacuation
"He wanted me to rim him, but I noticed the skidders in his jockeys and said NOT UNTIL YOU CLEAN UP YOUR ACT"
by Princess Peussie March 24, 2005
Boston slang. A cheap person. Never picks up a tab. Always bumming smokes or drinks off other people. Pronounced SKIDDAH
by Bumpyjonas December 10, 2016
An especially large turd that circles the bowl a few times, leaving skid marks before it flushes. Especially common these days due to low-flush toilets.
Raisa was tired of scrubbing the bowl every time her husband Igor took a dump. He left enormous bowl skidders every time, and it took quite a bit of Comet cleanser and a good brush to remove their presense, and what with all the other things Raisa had to do, shave the cat, fry the beetroots and launder all the spacesuits, she was tired of this unnecessary cleaning.
by Luigi July 11, 2004