A job is what people do to get money.
I got money from my job.
I was applied to my favourite job.
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by Joshua Dictionary October 19, 2019
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Job is a cool guy that is super funny he can find his name on here so he decided to search it up but if you meet hi you wil love him
girl:oooooohhhh dang whats gucci job
by MASTER_DUCK November 17, 2017
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to help your mom pay bills from your job and buy a whole bunch of cars
by rbyam December 12, 2018
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Oh are you super good at running a brothel for one of the retards in your group home? Is that what you value? Working hard in a place were the employees whore themselves out to a cripple? What do I get? Because the whores get paid to have sex and you get promotions you don't deserve for running a retard sex cult. Nothing. The answer is nothing. Unless I rape and murder the people who participate and the retards who don't need to exist in the first place. Then what I get is to punish people who absolutely deserve it.
Your job is to do whatever the fuck you want and leave the mess for others to clean up. If I were to do that you all wouldn't like it very much would you? No. You know how I know? Because I stopped doing my job and started doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do. And now all I want to do is fuck that whore and kill that retard. That is the only thing that matters to me at this point and in the worst case scenario I can just find someone guilt adjacent to punish instead. Because you can hide a Cripple and a whore but you can't hide everyone who knows who they are.
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by Hym Iam November 20, 2020
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