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Just like drizzle, but just with cum. Sprinkles of cum
"Dude this rain is jizzinling."

"Dude I was jizzling onto this girl."
by FapMonster October 06, 2011
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Where there is a a sprinkling/drizzling of something (typically snow) and is somewhat patchy around the area being described and doesn't cover the whole area or even a thin layer of what is being described. Not much is present.
Tom: Do you think it's going to snow?

Frank: Most likely, but would only be a jizzling.
Tom. A jizzling would be better than nothing!
Frank: Enough to write "jizzling" in it hopefully!!
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by Padfoot.'n'.Prongs September 06, 2016
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The word that describes when it's not raining hard, but the raindrops are so big that it's very annoying.
I usually don't mind the rain, but it's jizzling out.
by Joecracko December 03, 2009
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from the word Jizz commonly used to refer to semen. jizzlings are that sweet aphrodisiacs made by removing the centre of a strawberry and filling it to the brim with that sweet white sticky stuff dat comes outta ur schlong and savoury it with a touch of pimp juice. hmmmm... yumyum!!.....
Gotta Love Those Jizzlings!

Make Her Cum! Buy Jizzlings! Now Available In Chocolate and Fresh Mint!
by immagirl September 22, 2004
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Premature/sporadic ejaculation, during foreplay, of an inconsistent and light manner, i.e., like drizzle.
"Every time she goes down (on me) , I feel like I ruin her make up when I drip..."

"Sounds like she Mused your Johnson and you're jizzling. "
by TrPers April 05, 2015
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