something that flies out of a tallywacker when a guy gets excited. kinda tastes bad. some girls that are skanks like to eat it. can be used for protein. leaves a crusty residue on clothing. kinda smells. looks like glue.
damn, mike! you shot your jism all up in my face!

if you do that shit again i'm gonna bitch slap yo ass
by michelle216753421 April 29, 2007
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The substance that takes the form of a small projectile as a result of a sexual act, often blinding the other person involved in the activity.
OhNoes!!!1, Tim blinded Helen with his jism!
The rocket that was Terry's jism landed with a spack on the table!
Candice's jism was a surprise to Andy!
by Maxyy March 17, 2008
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Jim's nickname, from American Wedding. Given to him by the stiffmeister.
HAH Look congradualations Jism.
by Zach June 25, 2004
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