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1. to give excessive energy to a person or situation, especially through dance.

2. make someone or something more lively.

the word is from the song 'jinja' by Fuse ODG
"she knocked his head lightly to jinja him up."
by slim_belle_ January 08, 2017
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Jinja, or Jewish ninja, is a rare greeting among Jewish nerds in MD.
Person A: What be up witchu mah Jinja?
Person B: LOL
by June 21, 2007
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If you searched this’re a fuckin weeb go make friends that aren’t obsessed with jungkooks abs
All the weeb asses reading this: JiNjA?! OmO dOeS yOu eVeN knOw hOW ThAt mAkeS mE feEl?!?! HMPH yOu PaBo
by the white female suga April 14, 2019
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