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1. The One Ring created by the Dark Lord Sauron in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings "to bring them all/ and in the darkness bind them/ in the Land of Mordor/ where the shadows lie."

2. Kick-ass horror movie which manages to be an improvement on both the Japanese original and its own sequel. Concerns a video tape which (indirectly) kills its viewers by attracting their way the attention of a little girl you REALLY do NOT want to meet. You've probably heard the sting in the tail, so I won't mention it here.
Always the Nazgul are drawn to the Ring.

Answering machine message inspired by The Ring:

"Hello, you have just contacted the Morgan Family Bloodstock Company, Moesko Island. Unfortunately Samara can't come crawling out of your television just at the moment, but if you leave your name, number and details of the video after the tone, she promises to get in touch with you some time next week. Sweet dreams."
by Fearman November 18, 2007
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Can be damaged by LORD activity. The ring should be insured against LORD activity to avoid further damage.
I must stop trading outright, this will lead to ring damage.
by Craig Smyth March 13, 2005
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Trippy horror movie that teaches kids not to watch strange videos with small children, kill kids, or make possessed, evil bitches sleep with horses. The special effects also rock... the movie was based off of a popular Japanese movie that was even better. For a taste of the true gore in the movie, rent ti. see also hella died.
Do not fear for you will soon see the ring.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 12, 2003
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Will either frighten the fuck out of you, or will have no effect. If it fails to scare you, you will realise it makes little to no sense. If it does scare you, you will be unable to sleep with the light off for weeks.
by Shtting Dicknipples September 17, 2003
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Holy shit this movies scary. damn i nearly pissed in my pants when she came out of the tv screen. holy shit...and i didnt watch tv for a whole friggin week!
The ring scared the crap out of jay and O.T.E
by vectrex May 31, 2003
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Any ring that a woman wears on her INDEX finger to show that she is on her menstual cycle (period). Girls should wear a ring on their finger during this time of month to show you to back off at a party or such. This will stop any sexual awkwardness from happening if you were to attempt to hit on the woman.
John: Dude that girl is pretty fine over there. I think I'm going to go talk to her.'

Joe: Okay but don't go too far, she's wearing the ring.

John: Oh man, she's married.

Joe: Not that ring, dude, THE ring.

John: Oh crap you're right, man, thanks for backing me up there, i wouldnt want to get owned like Mike.

Joe: Your welcome bro, keep it real
by KOphysics February 22, 2010
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A creepy supernatural horror movie where a reporter and her ex-husband research this urban legend. The original Japanese legend goes that this kid was trying to record this baseball game on this TV in his cabin, but when he played back the tape, he never realized that the channels were different. Instead, he got static, strange images, and someone telling him that he would die in seven days. And sure enough, he did, and the doctors said he died of a cardiac arrest.

The (Jap.) curse is that if you watch a copy of the tape, then you must make a copy and show it to someone else, otherwise you die. And in the original, the phone only rings if you watch it in that cabin.

Two of the characters in the orig. were based on real people, one of whom was a psychic who was claimed to be a fraud (like the mother person in the Jap.), and then there was a person who had this psychic power (called nensha in Japanese) that required the use of a medium like a TV to concentrate her powers on (like Sadako/Samara).
by Ambros April 18, 2003
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