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1.) adj. mundane; used to describe a photo that is not worth looking at, or a news story that is not worth reading.

The term "jawdropping" appears in a plurality of news headlines on the internet, no matter how common or mundane the story is. Thus, when one encounters a news story or photo collection that is labeled as "jawdropping," one should not read/view said news story/photo collection, unless the reader/viewer wants to feel like they have just wasted their time.
Example News headlines:

30 Jawdropping, Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Houston jewelry designer and Rice graduate throws a jaw-dropping party in Cannes

Danielle Armstrong was flaunting her jaw-dropping figure on Wednesday, as she took to the beach in a tiny grey bikini to soak up the sun.
by Therapissed TheRapist July 01, 2018
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