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Short for "spermatazoa". The event of ejaculiting sperm from a man's penis.
Britney continued to suck Kevin's cock.

"Oh fuck!" Kevin shouted,"I'm gonna spote all over your tits bitch!"

Then Kevin removed his cock from Britney's mouth and shot his cum all over her tits.
by Danbridge November 23, 2006
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A challenge to fight. Mexican slang. When one Mexican mad dogs another Mexican, it is the usual reply. Directly meaning "what the fuck you trippen on, asshole?" Or "what the fuck is your trip asshole?" A usual reply when a stranger get's involved in another's arguement. A reply when a stranger gives another a dirty look.
Roberto walked down the streets of East Los Angeles. A group of cholos standing on the corner looked at him as he walked by and said :"Que pedo trais buey?"
by Danbridge September 25, 2007
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1.What one would say to another that is acting crazy or doing something foolish.
2.A reply to one who thinks they know it all but yet they are mis-informed.
1. After the man urinated on himself at the podium, a member of the audience stood up to walk out exclaiming, "Man, you be trippen!"
2. John replied "What the fuck you mean by saying the USA has a right to be in Iraq? Man, you be trippen"
by Danbridge September 25, 2007
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Being under the heavy influence of a drug, usually a downer, such as THC, to the point where your jaw drops open and you drool.
Man, last night after I smoked that carribeean cush, I sat in front of the TV for 3 hours with the jawdrops.
by Danbridge September 25, 2007
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To eat a large amount of food quickly. Usually said of marijuana smokers that have the munchies.
Woe dude you just whuffed down that turkey dinner in no time
by Danbridge September 25, 2007
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A term used when telling someone that you are going to beat them badly. First coined by WWF wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Boy, you best shut up or i'm gonna open up a can of whoopass on ya!
by Danbridge November 22, 2006
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To be smoking bongloads or pipeloads of cannabis, where the bowl is shaped like a cone.
Bro last night i was gonna smash cones with stoners on FB live, but my phone battery died.
by Danbridge August 14, 2018
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