to express discontent and irritation by exaggerated emotions such as shouting, flailing of body parts, or use of disrespectful remarks. (Sometimes used as a phrase "japping out")
My mother japped out when I arrived home extremely late from a party.
by Sharice November 23, 2003
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to act as if you were someone from Japan, to act Japanese. Used and created by WatchMinister.
"Damnit, edited, stop japping around."
by Q-A July 27, 2003
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‘japping’ is a word combination the can be used when you want to say that you’re joking/ capping.
person1 : yoo milk tastes so good yum

person2 : ew no who likes milk
person1 : HA im japping dawg milk sucks
by bellaaxo January 18, 2021
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A new horrific craze sweeping the nation from small children to German underground bondage sex shows. What be this sickness I hear you ask. It's the painful and unholy act of shoving objects (dildo's if you will) down one's jap eye.

It is in no way recomended and will leave lasting damage both physical and psychological.
"See that tree branch? I'll bet that makes for some good japping!"

"Sorry I didn't answer the phone Tom, I was too busy japping one.. pencil's are sharp."
by Alex J J July 10, 2006
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Word used by Americans during WW2 as an abbreviation of Japanese. Often used as a way of insult to refer to the Japanese.
You F**king Japs!!
by Whale watcher April 22, 2003
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J.A.P. stands for Jewish American Princess.... describing the rich jewish girls who are overly trendy and self centered because theyre parents spoiled them their whole lives....go to long island new york and you will understand
theres nothing but japs at that club
by toni February 25, 2005
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A person of or looking like they are of Japanese descenet
Those Jap-Japs are great at math
by MoBitchesVidal1 July 17, 2009
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