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In albanian dick
used to insult someone
Kar - for male
Kare - for female
He rrote kari - hey you dickhead
Kar - Dick
O kar, hajde ketu! - Hey motherfucker, come here!
by Toni November 29, 2003

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fuckin tired; beat
"Just got back from the game, I'm shagged."
by toni April 16, 2003

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the best Convenient store around!!
They got the bomb shitt!!!!!!
by TONI March 09, 2005

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J.A.P. stands for Jewish American Princess.... describing the rich jewish girls who are overly trendy and self centered because theyre parents spoiled them their whole lives....go to long island new york and you will understand
theres nothing but japs at that club
by toni February 24, 2005

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adj to describe something that is very large in size
damn that nigga is brolic!(big muscles, tall, fat)
u seen her house....that shit is brolic(mansion)
by toni February 24, 2005

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very cool!!! taht,s why i lke her
like ice so cool
by toni November 23, 2003

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Whoever made up this whole sex thing for them needs shootin, Serously.
I have a ton of jelly braclets an i dont go around wearin them so some dude can snap the damn things an have sex with me.
Whoever does wear them as 'sex braclets' is a whore. No doubt about it.
My dad hates me wearing them an thinks im some kinda hoe.
My school has banned them.
An it really pisses me of just bcoz some hoe turns them into sex braclets i cant wear them anymore.
'Omg I snapped ur braclet now you havta gimmie a blowjob'
'No you have to give me $1 for a new one'
by Toni July 13, 2004

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