when something looks lowkey ratchet and there's no other way to describe it
that girls weave is falling out, that's so jank
by 3hardnips March 10, 2017
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when someone/something looks ugly, messy, crusty, rusty, or very odd.

can also be said with a "y" at the end when saying "jank-ass" --> "janky-ass"
Yoo his new girl actually looks jank.

This jank-ass car be giving me real problems.
by TheatreInACrowdedFire August 07, 2019
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Used to describe poor welding and fabrication skills.
β€œMan this ski rack is Jank”
by Jfab April 25, 2020
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A word used to describe something that is not professional, but is not poor quality either. It's the good spot in between where anything works.
Them dudes were jank, but damn they were good.
by Jank Productions March 05, 2018
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1. Fucked up. Jank can refer to a state of mind.
2. Fucked up looking. Someone can look Jank. (Also see: Ratchet)
3. Jank can be used to describe someone with a rotten personality.
4. Derivative of 'Jankie'. Broken or messed up. Strange.

Basically stoner speak for anything fucked up, dirty, or gross.
1. 'Bruh I am so jank right now.' *passes doobie*
'Hey its new years eve tomorrow. Lets get jank!'
'Smokin dat jank stuff'
2. Kayla is so Jank now. She used to be cute in high school. What happened?
3. That jank bitch is flirting with my boyfriend. She knows that we are dating. Thats disgusting.
4. 'Where did you park?'
'Over there in that jank spot'
by TheCrazyMaddie September 11, 2014
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